Avoid an Addiction to Painkillers

If you have a lot of discomfort from an injury to a joint, then you don’t need to rely on painkillers that can lead to an addiction. Pain management for Barrington, IL, residents is available from a professional orthopedist who understands a variety of ways to overcome discomfort. After an injury to your shoulder, hip or other body part, you should rest for a few days until the inflammation subsides. The application of heating pads or ice packs is recommended during this time. However, if you rest for too long, then it can lead to additional problems with tighter muscles and tendons.

Use Exercise or Massage to Overcome Discomfort

With professional pain management from Barrington experts, you can learn more about the proper exercises to strengthen a damaged joint so that you won’t need to take medications that have side effects. An orthopedist will have you perform exercises at his office during routine visits, but you will continue with the exercises at home to have the most benefits. Additional ways to overcome discomfort can include using therapeutic massage techniques, and you can often visit a day spa to have bodywork to reduce your pain.

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Pain management can also include wearing customized braces that are made from elastic or plastic materials that can add support to an injured joint while it heals. With a brace, you can continue to stand and walk so that you can exercise to avoid having additional problems from cartilage that isn’t lubricated or muscles that heal with adhesions. Your orthopedic specialist in Barrington can also provide advice about consuming a nutritious diet that will help your body to heal its damage. For more information about orthopedic care, contact Gitelis Orthopedics at https://wwwgitelisortho.com/.

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