An Important Alternative to Cash Bail Provided by a Bonds Man in Oklahoma City

Bail is essentially a financial arrangement between a defendant and the court. The defendant is released from jail and allowed to remain free on bail until the case ends. The amount is refunded as long as this person appears at all scheduled court dates. When there is not enough money or collateral for bail, a bail Bonds Man in Oklahoma City can post a surety bond to the court as an alternative.

Time Frame

The option is important because there often is a long wait between being charged with a crime and the end of the case. The case can end through a plea bargain, dismissal by a judge, the prosecution dropping charges, or a trial. A trial might not be scheduled for months after the charges are filed.

Considerations for the Applicant

In many instances, the customer of a Bonds Man in Oklahoma City is not the defendant but a relative, significant other, or close friend. The defendant is unable to come up with the money for the service fee while locked in jail. The individual who takes on this responsibility must be willing to take the risk that the defendant will never repay the money. The service fee is not refunded, so this is an important consideration before completing the application process.

A Significantly Better Position

When a defendant is released quickly through 24-Hour Emergency Service bonding instead of held in jail for weeks or months, the person is in a significantly better position. Returning to family, going to work, and helping a private lawyer with defense are all important factors. Taxpayers don’t foot the bill for this individual waiting behind bars. A large majority of cases never go to trial, ending through one of the other options.

Compliance After Release

After release, the defendant must comply both with the legal requirements and those of the agency providing the bond. An example of a legal requirement is to obey all laws and not be arrested again while out on bond. An example of a typical requirement by an agency like Advise Bail Bonds is to accept phone calls checking in with the defendant until the case ends.

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