Achieving Satisfaction With Follicular Extraction by a Dallas Hair Doctor

Achieving Satisfaction With Follicular Extraction by a Dallas Hair Doctor

With the genetic marker for male pattern baldness continuing to become more widespread, the percentage of men who lose a substantial amount of their hair has increased significantly over the years. A hair doctor in Dallas provides a transplant procedure for patients who find this condition to be unacceptable.

Some men attempt to hide the problem by combing strands over the bald area on top of the head. Others wear a toupee. A large number have chosen to embrace their hairless state and routinely shave away the remaining growth they do have. Those who decide they really want to look more like they used to may schedule follicle transplantation with a hair doctor in Dallas.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a more recent development in hair restoration. The doctor removes follicles with tiny punch incisions and then places them elsewhere on the head after making minuscule holes for insertion.

Satisfaction with FUE requires plenty of patience. First, the procedure takes much longer than the traditional method of removing an entire strip of hair and transplanting the follicles in groups. It could last six to eight hours.

Within eight weeks, the hair falls out as a normal part of the process. It then grows back normally, although might be thinner than the transplanted hair was originally. To establish the amount the patient wants, more than one FUE session could be required. Doctors usually perform the next FUE only after several months have passed.

Information about FUE at YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa.

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