A New Way To Advertise With Text Message Marketing Companies

There are seven billion people on earth and 5.1 billion own cell phones. A huge amount of people use the cell phone for texting, and don’t really talk to anyone. A smart business, that wants to reach a lot of potential customers, needs to try text message marketing.

Text message marketing relies on short message marketing (sms) to deliver advertising directly to the consumer. It’s a great way to advertise–on average text messages are read within five seconds of receipt. It’s not illegal–text message marketing is permission based. Savvy consumers want to get text messages about sales at their favorite stores, and receive coupons via sms. Text message marketing companies, like TextSprout, serve a variety of businesses including restaurants, bars, florists, nightclubs, churches and schools.

TextSprout LLC did a Christmas advertising campaign for a Harley Davidson dealership. Potential customers were excited about the campaign and signed up for discount messages, and used them. The campaign dramatically increased sales.

SMS marketing is here to stay, because consumers want to get information quickly. People always have their cell phones on, and the message gets delivered 24/7. Text message marketing companies don’t have to deal with packaging, mailing or scheduling. Advertisers worrying about newspaper deadlines, for the one-day sale, is a thing of the past. Studies show that coupons received via text message have a higher usage rate than print coupons. Print coupons are hard to keep up with. They get lost in your purse or you spill coffee on them. If you get a coupon on your phone, just save it. Text message advertising is also more cost effective. At TextSprout, advertisers pay $199.00 for 5,000 texts. There’s no start up fee, no contract and the texts roll over from month-to-month.

Some food-service spots offer a loyalty program. The customer has a card and it’s punched when it’s used. How many times do you lose the card, or forget to bring it? TextSprout offers a loyalty program via text. Businesses can get a free trial, so what do you have to lose?Expose your business to a whole new avenue of prospective clients.

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