A Guide to Amoena Bras After Surgery

For those who have not experienced anything similar, a breast surgery such as a mastectomy or lumpectomy can raise some recovery apparel concerns. Supporting the recovery of your chest area while still feeling comfortable can appear overwhelming, but several designers have created products specifically equipped to help you heal after surgery. Amoena bras offer many unique features and are an excellent option for post-surgery recovery. A certified fitter can help you determine the best post-surgery bras for your unique situation and help you navigate the insurance process.

Post-surgical bras

After undergoing breast surgery, you’ll be under many restrictions. You won’t be able to raise your arms for a couple of weeks, which is why front-closure bras are so important at the beginning of the healing process. A bra that closes in the front can be fast of post-surgical brasened and unfastened easily, without lifting the arms and potentially causing medical complications to the chest area.

Amoena has a wide range of post-surgical bras in a number of different styles, all designed for maximum comfort and support. For example, their Theraport Post Surgery Bra is designed to be worn immediately after breast surgery or while undergoing treatment that uses radiation.

Theraport Surgical Bra

If you choose to wear this bra during radiation, its sides can be cut to allow access for a catheter if you are undergoing seed radiation or brachytherapy treatments. It has a front closure of VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fasteners for ease of use and is made of soft cotton. The front closure also allows for easy access should this bra be worn during treatment.

The wide band at the bottom of the bra sits comfortably on the torso and is wide and elastic enough to fit around brachytherapy catheters and can hold the Amoena Drain Pouch if needed. Post-surgical textile forms can also be inserted at a later time after the procedure’s completion.

Alison Post Surgical Camisole

For people who might be undergoing radiation therapy and are looking not only for an undergarment that will support them during and after the treatment but also for a garment that is a little more modest, look no further than Amoena’s best-selling Alison Post Surgical Camisole.

This cami also has VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fasteners down the front for easy access during and after radiation therapy, and the elastic straps also allow for ease of access during the therapy process. The adjustability of the straps at the back make recovering range of motion much easier and don’t aggravate any post-surgical areas that might be tender and sore.


Amoena also sells a range of accessories that may be necessary for people who have undergone some form of breast surgery and are currently in the recovery process. Their anatomically shaped Compression Belts made from skin-friendly fabrics provide for optimal healing ability while keeping breasts in place and ensuring that any implants do not move during the recovery process. It also can speed healing by relieving the chest’s lymph drainage channels.

They also sell drain pouches, which are approved for use with Jackson-Pratt®, Hemovac®, and other drain management systems. These drain pouches attach securely to the bra being worn with VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop fasteners and can be easily removed when necessary.

The Amoena Purfit is an adjustable breast enhancer designed to be adjusted during the reconstructive tissue expansion phase that can occur after certain breast surgeries. A fiber-filled pocket in the back of the insert allows for different volumes, while the front is made of silicone to warm to the body’s natural temperature and seamlessly fill the cup of any bra the Purfit is worn with. Adding or removing the fiberfill can alter the volume of the breast to whatever works best on your body at different times of recovery.


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