6 Great Tips on How to Prepare Artwork for T-Shirt Printing

T-shirt printing can be very fun, as much as for the person who gets it as the one who is creating it! To make the best of it, check out these six quick tips.

  1. PMS Colors Will Work Great for Your Artwork
    Designers typically do artwork in RGB and CMYK colors. However, try to use PMS colors in your artwork for t-shirt screen printing Atlanta. This option will enable you to separate colors much more easily and accurately.
  2. Try to Put Your Artwork for T-Shirt Printing in the Actual Size
    No matter how good the artwork for your t-shirt is, the size might not be. The safest way to go is to create the artwork to be applied on the t-shirt in the actual size. Just measures the dimensions of your t-shirt with a ruler, decide on the dimensions of your artwork, and go!
  3. Have the Text Converted to Outlines
    If you don’t convert your text to outlines, you might see your t-shirt printing in some mismatched fonts and designs. Just select the text before saving and choose the option to “Create Outlines.” Save the design, and that’s it!
  4. Have the Strokes Expanded
    For any artwork for t-shirt printing, try to have the strokes expanded. This is a human error, often caused by not setting all the colors to PMS swatches. Strokes could otherwise be overlooked. Don’t forget to select the “Expand Strokes” option.
  5. Also Have the Half Tones with PMS Colors
    Remember tip no. 1? Note this one down as well. If you are required to use halftones to save on budget, do not forget to set the right options for PMS colors and halftones.
  6. You Might Want to Use Vector Artwork for Your T-Shirt Printing
    Last but not least, use vector artwork as much as possible. It will be easier for you to separate colors, and the t-shirt printing will look much cleaner on small details.

At T-Shirt Custom Printing, we make sure each of these six tips are followed.

Alina alford