We Specialize in Custom Floorcloths Made to your Size, Shape, Style, and Palette

We Specialize in Custom Floorcloths Made to your Size, Shape, Style, and Palette

At Ariel Grace Design, we work with you in person and also by phone and email to get a perfect understanding of the design, size, shape, and palette of the custom floorcloth you have in mind.

Determining the Size of Your Floorcloth

We are able to use the photos you supply of your space to give you advice on the best size of your floorcloth to provide optimal and desired coverage.

Determining Your Custom Floor Cloth Pattern

We have an increasing portfolio of floorcloth patterns. Possibly, one of the floorcloth patterns shown on our website will be perfect for you and your home. On the other hand, you may want to customize the style, shape, pattern, and palette of the floorcloth to match your space. We can work with you either way to ensure you get the perfect floorcloth for your space.

Determining the Pattern Layout of Your Floorcloth

Based on the shape, size, and patterns you choose, we can determine layout options for your floorcloth. With our custom floorcloths, you have control over the final design.

Determining the Palette of Your Floorcloth

We can offer suggestions for your floorcloth palette based on the photos you provide of your room and its existing décor. Or you may want to specify colors from any national paint company’s color options, to determine the paint colors you want us to use for the various parts of your floorcloth.

Creating a Floorcloth Sample

We can create a floorcloth sample that uses the pattern and palette determined through our consultation with you. This will give you an idea of what your floorcloth will look and feel like. Seeing what the colors and pattern you have chosen to look like together is much different than imagining what they will look like. The sample can give you a good idea of how your custom floor cloth will work in your space. From the sample, and your evaluation of it, we can make any further adjustments as necessary before production.

Producing Your Floorcloth

The usual time interval for the production of our custom floorcloths is 4 to 6 weeks. We ship domestically and internationally. The ground shipping service we use in the U.S. can take up to one week.

For information about the various custom floor cloth options we offer at Ariel Grace Design, call us today at 503.206.2631 or email us at info@arielgracedesign.com.


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