5 Reasons Your AC is Going on the Blink

Any number of reasons can cause AC system failure. If there’s something wrong with your AC unit, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

Dirty filters

Your filter isn’t going to last forever. Dirty and clogged filters restrict airflow in the system. That effectively reduces the ability of your AC to cool the air in your home. If you’ve noticed that your system suffers from the poor airflow, then it’s time to have your filters replaced, the Consumer Reports says.

Little to no maintenance

Little to no maintenance is another common reason for AC system failure. That’s why its best that you have your AC checked regularly, preferably every time the season changes. Look for a service company that provides air conditioner repairs in Mission Viejo to handle the problem.

Poor insulation

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your AC. It could be caused by poor insulation around the unit. However, you’ll probably compensate for that by turning up the controls of the unit even further. That forces your AC system to work that much harder, leading to premature damage and repairs. Get a pro to check your home and have those insulation issues fixed so it won’t affect the performance of your AC.

Dirty registers

If your system has a forced-air heating and cooling system, then you’ll need to clear the dust from the registers regularly. Otherwise, the dust buildup could block the airflow through your registers and lead to other system problems.

Waiting too long

If you already see signs that your unit is in trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a service company for air conditioner repairs in Mission Viejo. Get professional repair assistance as soon as possible. If you put off that call to a service company, you’ll only end up with bigger problems on your hands.

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