5 Hiring Steps Before You Pick a Roofing Firm

Choosing a roofing company in Santa Ana CA can be a major hurdle in your renovation project. A bad hiring decision could mean a ton of frustration and unnecessary costs. Here are helpful hiring steps you can follow to keep those things from happening.

Get referrals

That’s an excellent way to get your search off to a good start. With referrals from people you know and trust, you’re less likely to run into potential scams or issues, the GAF says.

Check credentials

Before you hire a roofing company in Santa Ana CA, check out the firm’s background. Take a long look at the company’s credentials and qualifications. A company that’s been around for a long time will likely have the experience, team and processes in place to help you, much more than a firm that’s only been open for a year.

Look at the samples

Not all roofing styles and projects are alike. Go through the firm’s samples to find out whether the company’s style suits your project. Do they take on your kind of roofing project or do they focus only on commercial roofing solutions? Keep a lookout for that detail.

Read through reviews

Reviews give insight into how other customers think of the company’s services. While a bad review or two may be taken with a grain of salt, too many bad reviews can indicate recurring issues with the company’s services. You’ll want to be on the lookout for these things as well.

Ask about safety training

A trained roofing contractor must undertake a training or safety program to ensure little to no accidents when they work on your roof. If the firm’s contractors haven’t had that sort of training, you’re probably not getting the best person or crew for the job. Look elsewhere for help and roofing assistance.

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