4 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

The work isn’t over once you hire long-distance movers in Simi Valley CA. That’s just one step to ensuring a stress-free moving day. To get ready, here are a few things you can do before the crew arrives at your house.

Prepare a list

Your movers will likely have an inventory list. But it’s good to have a copy as well. Double-check the items on the list. Is there anything missing? Make sure the list is complete. Once you get to your new address, you’ll need to check if everything has been delivered. The list will come in handy at that point as well.

Know what can’t be moved

Reliable long-distance movers in Simi Valley CA have a list of things they can’t move, How Stuff Works says. That list may be different from one firm to another so make sure you check in with the firm to find out what’s on their list. This may likely include paints and liquids, cash, pets, food, medicine, papers, photographs and more. You’ll need to transport all that yourself instead.

Have a plan

Don’t wing it. That’s never a sound idea. If you want to make moving day as convenient and free of stress as possible, work on a packing plan. You need to be strategic about packing up the right things together.

Hire help

Some moving firms offer packing assistance. Take advantage of that. This will certainly add to the cost, but pros know the best way to pack your belongings so they won’t get scratched or damaged. Also, if you have a lot of items for the move, then that’s going to mean a monumental packing effort. Find a way to reduce the amount of work on your end. Hire packing pros to make the dreaded moving day that much easier.

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