3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Trade Show Experience

Some people think you only need to show up with a large trade show exhibit and the world suddenly beats a path to your door. The truth is, any form of marketing is hard work and the more you can do to ensure success, the better chances you have of succeeding. Here are three ideas from your builders of custom trade displays in Orlando, to help you improve your trade show experience.

1. Know Your Space

Before the show begins, you should know as much as you can about the event. For example, where is your location and what kind of booths are nearby? Is this a high traffic area? Knowing these things gives you an important advantage over other exhibits, and you can create custom trade displays in Orlando to match the environment in any part of the country.

2. Everyone is Your Competitor

Just because a booth is not in your line of business, does not mean they are not a threat. Every booth taking time away from your exhibit can cost you money and valuable clients or customers. If you adopt the attitude “everyone is the competition” it gives you the motivation to create a more interesting and compelling exhibit.

3. Match Displays to Your Target Audience

You should target your audience carefully because some prospects are more important than others. Custom trade displays should reflect the products or services of your Orlando business. This gives you the best chances to attract the right prospects. For example, a display with a large tank of water filled with beautiful women may sell swimsuits or Florida vacations, but if you sell hardware, it may miss the mark entirely. For help with booth design, marketing strategy, and fabrication services, call Rockway Exhibits at (407) 440-2952 today.

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