3 Types of Foot Pain

In the best case scenario, all of your body’s parts will operate optimally all the time. Age, genes and the unexpected have a way of catching up, however. Foot pain can be uncomfortable and crippling. If the pain in your feet prevents you from walking, it is time to seek medical help from professionals like Foot Pain Hyde Park.

Here are three types of foot pain a person may experience.

Poor Circulation

If you notice that your ankles are swollen, your feet are tingling or numb, or your feet are colder than normal, you may be experiencing foot pain caused by poor circulation. These are symptoms that should not go untreated because they are probably indicating something worse on the horizon. Poor circulation means that your arteries are narrowing. It causes your blood’s flow to become more difficult and can result in life-threatening heart issues.

Geriatric Foot Care

As you age, your body begins to feel its years and whatever wear and tear it has experienced. For some older individuals, geriatric foot pain becomes an issue. Poor circulation is one reason. Arthritis, neuritis and inflammatory conditions are others. The good news is that no one has to live with foot pain due to age. A Foot Pain Hyde Park professional is trained to assess your symptoms, and then, put together a plan to ease pain.

Ankle Instability

At any point in your life, you may experience foot pain caused by ankle instability. A new pair of shoes, for example, can change the way your walk or run because you are attempting to become accustomed to them instead of molding them to your feet. Foot professionals can take a look, and offer solutions.

For foot pain or discomfort, consider consulting with Foot Pain Hyde Park professionals at Mitchell Foot & Ankle.

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