3 Types of Cranes in Minneapolis, MN

Within the construction industry, specialized jobs exist. Crane Contractors Minneapolis MN, for example, are trained to handle a variety of cranes. They understand how to operate each as well as how to modify, upgrade and work with cranes from different manufacturers. Contractors are also well-versed in OSHA regulations. They ensure they are in compliance while working and inspect their work area to ensure it is compliant, too.

Here are three types of cranes that contractors can handle.

Jib Cranes

A jib crane is used to move materials short distances. They are often stationary I-beam. They can also be floor-mounted, wall-mounted and free-standing. The jib crane can be customized to meet the needs of just about any job, but usually they can handle loads of 250 lbs to five tons. This crane gives the user flexibility when hoisting items.

Gantry Crane

A gantry crane is built on top of a gantry for stability. They are customized to fit the space and weight parameters of the job that they must accomplish. Typically, they can be 40 feet in length, maximum, and hold up to 15 tons. Also known as a overhead crane and bridge crane, this equipment straddles the load it is moving or holding. It is known to be able to hold the heaviest loads including container terminals. For more information visit Sharrow Lifting Products.

Top Running Cranes

A top running crane is designed to move loads by traveling on a set of rails. Also known as top running overhead bridge cranes, it is used when limitations for overhead space exist. They can span 60 feet and hold up to 15 tons. Often available in three speeds, a top running crane can run up to 120 fpm.

For crane services, Crane Contractors in Minneapolis, MN are available to operate, maintain and update an array of related equipment.

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