3 Things Your Event Planner Needs to Know

Hiring a Hartford Event Planner is a great way to ensure guests are going to enjoy a wonderful event. This professional completes the nitty-gritty work of tying together the different elements in order to deliver a cohesive bash. While your job of overseeing all the moving parts may still be stressful, it will not be as overwhelming as it would have been if you were the one contacting, confirming and scheduling the venue, caterers and staff.

Here are three things your event planner needs to know in order to deliver the best results.


Before you start viewing your event planner’s portfolio and eyeing potential themes, decor and flatware, you should let this professional know your budget. It is very easy to overspend, and your event planner looks forward to working with clients who have almost no financial constraints because it affords them more freedom. However, you should also be fiscally responsible. If a planner takes on your event knowing your budget, it means that they have accepted the fiscal parameters. While they may not have the freedom to spend infinitely, they will have the opportunity to get creative.

Guest List Size

It is important that your event planner know how many guests will be attending. If you do not have that number available, the number of invitations you plan to send out is a good starting point. This number determines the size of the venue, the amount of decor and how much food needs to be ordered, among other things.


Themes are a great way to add an element of cohesion to any occasion. It narrows down the options for food, decor and dress code, so it helps the decision-making process become smoother. It also gives guests something to anticipate.

Hiring a Hartford Event Planner offers several benefits.

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