3 Things to Understand Before You Talk to a Bondsman

The one thing on your mind if a loved one ends up in jail is this: “how do I get him out?” To do that, you’ll need to post bail. Bail is cash. It’s a bond or property that will serve as proof that you will appear in court. If your relative or family member skips bail, then the court gets to keep the bond and will send out a warrant for your loved one’s arrest.

If someone you love ends up in jail and you or your family have no liquid resources at the moment, then going to an agent for jail bail bonds in Clearwater, FL is a wise decision. Here are a few things you need to understand before you reach out to one.

You’re getting a loan

You go to a bondsman when you don’t have enough to pay the full amount of the bail. The bondsman lends you the money to make up the complete payment, so you’re essentially getting a loan.

You may not need a bail bond

Don’t panic. If you get a phone call saying your loved one is behind bars, get the facts first. If you are able to cover the full amount or if the court doesn’t regard your loved one as a flight risk, then you won’t need to post bail and so won’t have any use for the services of an agent for jail bail bonds in Clearwater, FL.

You’re responsible for the accused

When you bail someone, you take responsibility for the accused. That includes their actions while they are out on a bail. If they skip, you’ll be held accountable. Make sure you understand that before you post bail for someone.

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