3 Smart Tips to Help You Have the Best Vaping Experience in Medford, OR

If you’re vaping for the first time, it’s important to learn a few tips. By following them, you’ll find vaping a lot more enjoyable.

Here are three beginner tips to follow buying your first vape setup.

Determine Your Preferred PG/VG Ratio

In the world of vaping, most vape liquids have both propylene and vegetable glycol. Liquid with a higher amount of propylene glycol will supply a harsher hit in the back of your throat and produce lower amounts of vapor. Many popular sub-ohm vaping devices need to use liquid with a high amount of vegetable glycol, which produces large amounts of vapor.

Purchase an Extra Charger or Battery

Most vaping devices require charging to continue working. Whether it’s a USB cable or a set of batteries, make sure you buy plenty of spare charging devices. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about having a dead vaping device. You won’t have this problem after stocking up on vape supplies in Medford, OR.

Shake Your Vape Liquid Before Using It

If you know people who vape, you might catch them shaking their bottles of liquid before they use it. This is because, when sitting for prolonged periods, the ingredients in your vape liquid begin separating. Shaking up your vape liquid blends the PG, VG, and flavoring to create the best possible taste experience.

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