3 Signs A Homeowner is in Need Of A Roof Repair in Nassau County NY

It is important that the roof on a person’s home is strong and structurally sound. If the roof needs to be repaired, it can cause leaks in the home. These leaks can cause damage to the structure of the home as well as the homeowner’s belongings inside. A homeowner doesn’t need to be a professional roofer to determine if they are in need of a roof repair in Nassau County NY. They don’t even need to climb up on the roof. There are ways that the homeowner can detect the need for repairs from the ground.

Shingles On the Ground

If the homeowner walks around their house and they find shingles in the yard, on the walkway, or on the driveway, it is a sign that their roof needs to be repaired. Shingles can fall off the roof due to the age of the roof or during extreme weather. Since shingles are the home’s best defense against leaks, the homeowner should contact a licensed roofer to make the necessary repairs.

Lifting Shingles

If the homeowner looks up at their roof and they notice that the shingles are not all laying down uniformly, it means that the shingles are lifting up. The most common reason that shingles lift is that they are decaying. Shingle decay can be a serious problem. When the shingles lift, water can pool underneath, creating a mold problem on the roof. If the homeowner believes that their shingles are lifting, they should have a licensed professional inspect the roof.

Black Debris In the Gutters and Downspouts

When the homeowner cleans their gutters, they expect to see leaves, dirt, and other debris from the trees above. If they find black debris in the gutters, they should call a licensed roofer. The same is true if the homeowner finds black debris coming from their downspouts. Asphalt shingles have a protective layer called granules. These granules are designed to keep the shingles from cracking under the extreme heat of the sun. Over time, they can begin to wash away. When this happens, it may be time to have the roof replaced.

A homeowner doesn’t need to be handy to tell if they are in need of roof repair in Nassau County NY. They don’t even need to own a ladder. If they notice any of the signs above, they should contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp.

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