3 Reasons to Purchase LED Signage from a Sign Company in Arlington, TX

If your company need to update its sign, it should consider installing one with a LED display. Instead of a static sign, a LED display gives movement to your messages, which catches the attention of people passing by at any time, day or not. There are several reasons to consider installing a LED sign at your business location.

Provides Bright Lights

The lights on LED signs are bright and can be read clearly when you’re up close to the sign, as well as from a distance. Along with producing clear, bright light at night, the sign will still be legible under the glare of the hot Texas sun. A sign company in Arlington, TX can visit your business to measure the current sign and provide quotes for replacing it with a LED sign.

Easier to Update

Whenever information on a LED sign needs to be changed, you can input it as you would computer information. Information on static signs needs to be changed manually, which is difficult to do on pole signs when the wind is blowing. LED signs from Legacy Signs of Texas have several display options, such as having the text flash, scroll horizontally or vertically, or remain static.

Suitable for All

LED signs provide perfect signage options for any type of business or institution. Banks, churches, schools, restaurants or convenience stores can use LED signage to display information or advertise products or special events to get people’s attention. A sign company can provide affordable LED sign options for businesses or institutions of any size.

Along with displaying information in a variety of ways, a sign company can provide LED sign display options. LED signs can be installed on poles to make them easier to see from a distance or put on street level bases, which are easier for passersby to read.

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