3 Must Have Hearing Aid Accessories in Lawrence Kansas

For many individuals that are hard of hearing, a hearing aid can be a real lifesaver. It can make it possible to enter into conversations that may have been inaccessible before. It allows an individuals to sit around the table with family and friends and understand everything that is going on. These assistance devices often stand alone and are the only piece of equipment necessary for hearing. However, there are several Hearing Aid Accessories in Lawrence Kansas that can enhance a person’s experience or help ensure that the life of the equipment is extended.


Anything that gets put in the ear every day is going to need cleaning eventually. While it is recommended that hearing aids receive a professional cleaning between two and three times a year, it is still important for wearers to do their part to keep everything clean on a regular basis. A cleaning kit comes with everything a person will need to reach into some of those hard to get to crevices to clear out any debris that might be hiding. Cleaning products range from the most basic tools to kits that have everything a wearer could possibly need to keep their aids looking great.

Magnet Stick

Trying to replace batteries in a hearing aid can be a real challenge. Not only are the batteries small, but most are circular, making them hard to get a handle on. Instead of fighting with the batteries or always looking for batteries that have fallen to the floor, pick up a magnet stick, one of the best hearing aid accessories in Lawrence Kansas to have on hand. Despite the simplicity, the stick makes it easy to pull out a dead battery, reach into a package, grab a new one, and insert it into the aid.

Dry Storage

One of the biggest concerns with hearing aids is moisture. It works against the components and can cause damage to some of the internal workings. Dry storage serves two purposes. First, it gives the aids a place to call home. Wearers always know where their hearing aids are because they have a central storage location. At the same time, dry devices work to keep everything dry. They come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

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