3 Key Questions Your Dog Bite Attorney Will Ask

Dog bites are more serious than many people realize. Depending on the severity, you could miss time from work, experience reduced use of a hand, foot, or arm, and end up with pain that lingers for a long time. Rather than do nothing, you need advice from a dog bite attorney. Here are three important questions that most Jacksonville FL dog bite attorneys will ask during the consultation.

What Was Happening Just Before the Bite?

It’s not unusual for Jacksonville FL dog bite attorneys to begin by asking you to recount everything that took place in the minutes before the bite, during the bite, and after the bite. While the attorney will also read over any reports filed with local law enforcement, hearing the details from you are crucial. Expect to be answered some questions to clarify different points. Your attorney may have noticed some detail that would make a difference in your case.

Did You Seek Medical Attention?

Most Jacksonville FL dog bite attorneys will want to know what sort of medical treatment you received after the bite. You should also be prepared to talk about how quickly you sought medical attention. If you waited until the following day when you noticed unusual swelling and additional pain, don’t feel bad. Not everyone goes directly from the scene of the bite to a doctor’s office.

If possible, bring along any documentation that your doctor prepared. This will be helpful in establishing that your injuries are in fact the result of a dog bite.

Were There Any Witnesses?

If anyone witnessed the bite taking place, your attorney will want to talk with those individuals. They can confirm what you were doing just prior to the bite, what the dog was doing just before biting you, and what happened next. Their observations could also be important to your case.

Contact the Fenderson Law Firm if you’ve been injured as the result of a dog bite. You can contact us by phone or visit our website at https://fendersonlaw.com/ to request a consultation. You can rest assured that our team will review your case thoroughly and provide you with options about how to seek damages through a settlement or by taking the case to court.

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