3 Good Reasons to Consider Seeking Treatment for Prominent Hand Veins

Many people associate varicose veins with legs or thighs. However, prominent veins can also develop in other parts of your body. One of these locations is your hands. Sometimes caused by age-related changes, low body fat, and even blood flow issues related to strenuous exercise, prominent hand veins are rarely a serious problem. Even so, there are some very good reasons to consider varicose veins in hands treatment.

1. Self Consciousness

Due to the simple fact that hands are always up front and center, it’s sometimes difficult to ignore prominent veins. It’s perfectly understandable to be self-conscious about abnormalities like this. Some people are able to overlook things like this. But if you are experiencing added stress and anxiety because of varicose veins, treatment could make it easier for you to remain focused on your daily tasks.

2. More Youthful Hands

Even if you are not especially self-conscious about prominent hand veins, they could make your hands look older than they really are. If you prefer to make a more youthful first impression when shaking hands or displaying your hands during everyday interactions, varicose veins in hands treatment could help you achieve this goal. What’s more, the removal of prominent hand veins may make it safer for you to have other hand-related procedures to remove sunspots or reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Concerns About Circulation Issues

Prominent hand veins are often a mostly cosmetic issue. However, varicose veins do not move blood as well as other veins. This may increase your risk for developing circulation-related disorders. If you are concerned about this possibility, varicose vein treatment is worth considering.

Varicose veins in hands treatment often involves sclerotherapy. This treatment is done with the injection of a chemical solution into the veins on your hands you wish to minimize. The injections cause the treated veins to develop scar tissue and close.

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