3 Duties of Back Office Support

It is well known that a lot of things go into running a business. If you are still a startup, you probably wear more than one hat. You are probably the marketing, sales and customer service department rolled into one. If you have employees, they may handle the accounting and other back office support. Today, if you are short on staff, or if you are well staffed but would like to cut down on overhead costs, you can hire a Back Office Support Service.

Here are three duties that are included in back office support.

Record Maintenance

The back office support is charged with completing the tasks that do not directly affect customers. They do not have direct contact with clients, so they are categorized as not client-facing. Since these duties are not client-facing, they are often outsourced, which saves resources and time. One of the main duties of departments in this category is record maintenance. Whether it is employee records, business records or financial records, they are kept organized by this team. In case of an audit, or research is necessary, they must be maintained in an efficient manner for easy future use.


A reality of doing business is maneuvering the mandates, regulations and laws placed upon you based on business size and type. The back office support ensures that all projects, contracts and hiring practices are compliant. These duties can easily be outsourced to experienced professionals who spend all their time on the subject matter.


Information Technology has touched all business sectors in some shape, way or form. If your business is still making the transition, you can set up an IT department or you can outsource the responsibilities. It is considered to be administrative, so you can easily work with a Back Office Support Service.

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