If your teeth are severely damaged or decayed, then your dentist may recommend that you get a root canal. A dentist will remove the pulp. After that, they will disinfect, clean and shape the root canal. After that, the dentist will place a seal in the area. Even though the pulp is removed, the tooth can still survive. It will be nourished by the tissue that surrounds it.

Why Root Canals are Performed

A root canal is performed as a last resort to save the tooth. If a tooth is removed and not replaced, then it can create problems. Your teeth may shift, which can make it harder for you to clean them. If an area is not cleaned well, then it can easily develop decay and disease. In most cases, it is better to save the tooth instead of extract it.

Steps of a Root Canal

There are several steps involved in getting a root canal. The first thing that the dentist will do is numb the area. The next thing that the dentist will do is remove the nerve or pulp. In some cases, the dentist uses medication to treat the infection. After that, the dentist will seal the area.

A temporary filling may be used until a permanent crown can be placed. The crown strengthens and improves the look of your tooth.

How a Root Canal Saves Your Tooth

A root canal can protect your tooth from further damage. You will be able to protect your natural smile by getting a root canal. It also reduces the need for further dental work. In most cases, the results of a root canal will last a lifetime.

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