10 Tips For Buying Auto Repair Shop Software

Here are the ten tips that you should know if you plan on buying auto repair shop software:

Do Your Research About the Company
Choose a reputable company, and log in to their website to determine things like, how old the company is, the kind of services they offer, their location, etc. All this will help you in determining the quality of services that is provided by them and whether their customers are satisfied or not.

Read the Reviews
Reading past reviews will help you in finding out whether the software is good for you or not. Take out time and go through all the positive and negative reviews, and find out how the company responded to the complaints.

Be Sure Of the Compatibility
Your accessories like computers, scanners, fax machines and printers should be compatible with the new software. It will cost you a lot to replace all the equipments that will not work with the new software.

Learn About the Pricing Structure
Ask the company if adding more users will cost you more and whether there is a maintenance fee.

Find Out About the Customer Care Service
If you have a problem, then will there be a representative to guide you through it? Does the company offer a phone, email, online or on-site support system? Ask them beforehand about the timings of the customer care service.

Learn About the Upgrade and Update Frequency
Ask the company about the frequency of new updates and upgrades of the software that you have purchased.

Find Out If the Software Can Be Customized
Learn whether the software that you are considering can be sold as individual modules or not, so that you can know what works the best for you. The software can have different versions with more features, which are usually available for a higher price. Choose a package that meets your needs.

Ask For a Demo
A lot of companies offer demo that can give you a chance to evaluate the product so that you can take a final decision. Make sure you explore all the features so that you can know for sure whether your staff will be able to use it or not.

Learn About the Implementation Process
Knowing how long it will take to implement the software is very important. Is the company offering any services to install your new software and will they help you in running it? Will they fix the software if there are any bugs? Be sure of the implementation process is written clearly so that you have no misconceptions.

Learn About the Money-Back Guarantee
You should know beforehand that what will happen if you are not satisfied with the software. This is an important factor that you need to consider before purchasing the software. Sometimes, companies find out weeks later that the software is not meeting their needs. Ask the company what they do if such a problem will arise. If you feel that they are not providing you with satisfactory answers, then consider purchasing another software that offers a free trial period.

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