Why An Upper East Side Apartment Is Perfect For You

Living in New York City has numerous advantages. The culture, the sights, and the convenience of living close to just about anything a person could want to do are among the many reasons people choose to move to, or remain in, New York. When it comes time to select the perfect neighborhood, however, many are uncertain of where is best. Certain areas are renowned for being overly crowded, or downright dangerous. An Upper East Side apartment has the distinct advantage of being close to everything, while still being removed from noisy or unsavory areas. Here are a few reasons why an upper east side apartment is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Close To Attractions

Some fear leaving the heart of Manhattan could result in fewer opportunities to experience the attractions New York City living has to offer. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Upper East Side is famed for its proximity to numerous museums, wonderful eateries and restaurants, and the beauty of Central Park. Madison Avenue is a destination in and of itself, containing old fashioned bookstores, eateries, and other eclectic shops.

Nice People

One of the most notable things about this part of New York is the friendly attitude of those who live there. People tend to stay in the area for years after their initial move, which makes for an incredibly neighborly environment. The Upper East Side also attracts those who are tired of the snobbish atmosphere found in many other neighborhoods, making it a near mecca for those who crave a kinder tone and friendly relations.


Many young families choose their next home based on the schools in the area. Choosing an upper east side apartment gives those families an opportunity to enroll their kids in the best possible school. Most families in the area agree that the schools located in the Upper East Side are among the best in New York. In addition, the area is comfortable and safe for children, both at play and while in school.

Historic Area

Another huge draw to the Upper East Side is the historic nature of the area. Carnegie Hill Historic District contains many buildings and homes from the 18th and 19th centuries, most of which have been kept in beautiful condition. There are still shops and restaurants from this classic area still open, including the Ottomanelli Brothers eatery which opened its doors for the first time in the late 1800s and has remained a popular spot for locals ever since.

For more information about moving to an Upper East Side apartment, contact Carnegie Park Condominium at 212.777.9494.

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