When Should You Contact An Auto Accident Lawyer In Oxford, MS?

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Accident Attorney

It is a confusing time when an individual has been injured in an auto accident. The person might face a lot of medical treatment and severe pain. A family member or friend might ask them if they will sue the guilty party. A victim should contact an auto accident lawyer in Oxford MS when they were the victim in an accident to receive financial compensation for their injuries. Victims who are seriously or permanently injured might require months or years of medical treatment.

Victims who receive immediate medical treatment and complete their medical treatment are more likely to recover from their injuries. Failing to complete medical treatment can jeopardize their health and their case against the negligent party. An auto accident lawyer will focus on protecting the victim’s legal rights and begin the negotiation process needed to achieve a fair settlement.

The Insurance Company Will Help The Victim

The insurance company representing a negligent party is not a victim’s friend. They will not provide the information a victim needs to achieve the best medical treatment possible. They’re not concerned when a victim is in pain or suffering. The insurance company is only concerned about keeping as much money as possible in their account when they must pay out money to a victim.

Recording A Call

Within a day or two after an accident, the insurance company will contact the victim and ask to record their telephone conversation have the victim answer a few questions. A victim should never agree to a recorded telephone conversation. Often, a victim is on pain medication and is still in shock from the accident. Anything they say can be used again them in the future. Therefore, a call to an auto accident lawyer in Oxford MS as soon as possible after an accident is the best thing to do.

A victim never has to pay attorney fees out of their pocket. The only way the attorney will receive compensation for their work is when they win the case for the victim. The portion they receive is usually a percentage of the settlement. This will be discussed at a free consultation. Browse our website to learn more about how an attorney can help.

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