What to Look for in Kansas City Vineyards

What to Look for in Kansas City Vineyards

If you’re thinking about visiting Kansas City vineyards, you may become overwhelmed with the choices. Every vineyard has a unique feel and provides a different experience. Before you schedule your visit, it’s essential to explore what each one offers to help you choose the one that appeals to you most.

Consider the Wine

It may seem obvious, but one of the first things you need to consider is the wine they carry. While all Kansas City vineyards produce quality wine, some of them are more refined than others. They may also have various flavors that interest you. Before choosing a vineyard to visit, browse through the wines they offer and consider which ones you want to try. You can also look for reviews that detail others’ experiences at the vineyard.

Special Events

Sometimes you want something beyond the more traditional wine tastings many Kansas City vineyards offer. If you want something a bit different, look for vineyards that host special events. These events can include live music, various food options, unique wine offerings, and more. Browse through the calendar of events if they have one and identify the events that appeal to you and anyone else going with you. These events can be an excellent option for date nights, friend groups, and more.

No Admission Fee

Some Kansas City vineyards charge an admission fee simply to get into the winery. This fee typically doesn’t include the cost of the wine you consume, making the trip more expensive than it needs to be. Instead, look for a vineyard that doesn’t charge admission, so you can use more of your money for the wine and food they offer.

If you’re browsing through Kansas City vineyards and want one that checks off all the boxes, visit the KC Wine Co website to find out what they offer.

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