What To Know About Sewer Drain Cleaning For You Alpharetta, GA, Home

As a homeowner, you trust the professionals you hire to make sure they are providing the services necessary to care for your Alpharetta, GA, home, and all the various system that keep it operating.

One system that is rarely considered by most homeowners in the sewer system. This is really a series of pipes from each drain in the home that drains into one main line that is carried to the sewer system operated by the municipality. At any point in this system, various things can happen that create problems and require the services of a sewer drain cleaning service.

Branch Line or Main Sewer Clog?

The branch lines in the Alpharetta, GA, home can typically be cleaned using a drain snake. A plumbing company can offer a range of different services, including electrically operated drain snakes, that are fed through the drain and down the pipe to the clog. The rotation of the flexible “snake” can make corners and bends, and the end is able to break up the clog or clogs, allowing the drain to flow freely once the process is complete.

The main sewer line from the home to the public sewer system can also be cleaned using a similar process. In these cases, the sewer drain cleaning service typically goes into the system from a clean-out, which is a pipe that extends from the underground sewer line to the surface, just for this specific use.

Digging the Line for Repair or Replacement

In some cases, the main sewer line from the home can be crushed or burst, or it may be damaged by tree roots. In these cases, the sewer drain cleaning service may recommend digging up the line and repairing or replacing the complete line or just a part of the line.

Many plumbing companies now use fiber optic cameras they can move through the lines, determining where the problem is and if it can be cleared our or needs to be repaired or replaced.

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