What to Do If You Need Auto Roadside Assistance in Roanoke, Virginia

Janice struck her steering wheel in frustration. She had skipped getting gas as she was about five miles from home. Even though her gauge registered “Empty,” she had gotten by before and made it home in time. This time, she wasn’t so lucky.

Fortunately, Janice contacted a company that provided auto roadside assistance in Roanoke, Virginia that also towed cars 24/7. Therefore, they were used to taking care of these types of problems. The representative on the other line told Janice that they would deliver gas to her location so she could get home in a short time. The dispatcher asked, “Where are you located?” “Are you far off the road, safely away from traffic?”

Make Sure You Are Parked in a Safe Spot

Janice assured him that she had parked in a spot where she would not get side-swiped by another vehicle. Otherwise, she might really need a tow. If you find you need auto roadside assistance because you ran out of gas or have a flat, make sure you have a number on your phone that you can easily call. For instance, if your tire blows, pull over from the road, veering as far away from the traffic as possible.

What to Do If You Need to Get Out of Your Vehicle

Don’t get out of the car, unless you are located a safe distance from the road. If you are not parked safely, use discernment when getting out of the vehicle. Look in your rear view mirror and driver’s side mirror, and make sure that no cars are coming your way. Exit the vehicle only when everything is clear. Tell the auto roadside assistance service the location of your car, and provide them with landmarks, such as a McDonald’s sign, so they can locate you along a highway.

Who to Contact to Learn More Information

You should never feel worried when your car breaks down. You should know who to call when this event happens. Take time now to go online and learn more about what you can do if you find yourself in this dilemma. Visit us and review both roadside assistance and towing services.

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