What Does General Dentistry in Lusby, MD Include?

Taking care of your teeth is important throughout all the phases of your life. By having your teeth checked regularly, you can ensure their health. Normally, having an x-ray, exam, and routine cleaning every six months significantly reduces major dental costs.

Maintain Your Dental Health and Smile

In addition to cleanings, x-rays, and regular exams, services for general dentistry in Lusby, MD include preventative dentistry, oral surgery, crowns, root canals, bridges, and gum therapy. Therefore, you can also take care of any dental problems before they become severe. You should never overlook the importance of regular dental treatments and care, as this activity keeps certain dental issues from surfacing – issues that can be far more expensive and pronounced if they are not dealt with.

Convey any Concerns

So, if you have not scheduled a cleaning in a while, you can contact Louis B. Sachs D.D.S office for an appointment. By taking this step, you will be making a positive investment in your dental health. If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, let the people in the office know. Tell them about your concerns. Going to the dentist should not be a stressful experience.

Keep Your Teeth in Good Shape

By scheduling a general dentistry cleaning, you can stop tooth loss, prevent dental cavities, freshen your breath, and boost your overall well-being. If you wait until plaque turns into tartar, this type of substance can be hard to remove. Because the formation of plaque can lead to periodontal disease, you need to make sure you maintain regular cleanings and checkups.

Typically, your general dentistry needs can be met twice annually. While some people do not need to see the dentist very often, other people may require more frequent dental visits. If you have a low risk of gum disease or cavities, you may even get by with seeing the dentist yearly. However, if you are at a higher risk, you may have to schedule visits every three months.

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