A Few Ways To Use An Ice Luge In Suffolk County NY

An ice luge is a block of ice that has a pattern carved throughout its surface. Before purchasing an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY, an individual can decide upon a pattern that will be carved into ice. If a luge is being purchased for a social gathering, it can be used in the following ways.

Fancy Centerpiece

A luge should be placed on top of a waterproof surface. If it is going to be used as a centerpiece on a dining room table, a tray can be used to support it. Small, battery-operated lights can be placed on opposite ends of a luge to create a soft glow in a dining area. Fresh or artificial flowers can be laid next to a luge to add color to table. Colorful decorations can also be placed inside of channels that are carved in a luge. Marbles, pebbles or artificial gemstones are some materials that will fit well inside of carved areas.

Beverage Pouring Tool

A luge can be set upright on top of a bar of table. If cocktails are being served at an event, they can be poured through each channel before being collected inside of a glass. Guests may be impressed if they are served drinks in a fancy manner. A luge can also be used as a prop for a drinking game. If guests would like to compete against others to determine who is able to drink a cocktail in the shortest amount of time, a bartender can pour two or more drinks through separate channels and allow participants to collect their selections at the opposite end before they race against their competitor.

Appetizer Holder

If small food items that need to remain chilled are going to be served at a gathering, placing them on a luge will ensure that they remain fresh. Fruit and vegetable slices, meat rolls, cheese cubes and seafood are some food options that can be placed on a luge. If a luge is set in an open area, guests will be able to help themselves to appetizers throughout a get together.

Business Name or another ice distributor will help an individual select an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY that is suitable for their needs.

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