Vet Recommended Dog Chews – Choices

Vets understand the attachment between you and your dog. They know you want them to enjoy their relatively short time with you. Vets realize the importance of making sensible food and treat choices. While some actually support specific brands, many do not. Instead, they supply criteria. In other words, for them, the term “vet recommended dog chews” does not refer to one brand but provides useful information for informed choices.

What Many Vets Say to Avoid

Vets are not in total agreement about many aspects of dog chews. They have their own opinions and support them accordingly. The following list contains a variety of veterinarian opinions on what not to give your dog.

  • Bones: Some vets are against any form of bones; others say no brittle, sharp bones. They say basted are fine but only if they are large and do not come from fowl.

  • Antlers: While some vets extol antlers, others see them as resulting in chipped or even broken teeth.
  • Rawhide: The veterinarian world is at variance over rawhide. Some would never include this item on a list of veterinarian recommended dog chews; others would restrict it to only those types of rawhide made under the right conditions and in North American factories. The former group sees them as dangerous to chew. They feel they present choking hazards. They also bring up the risk of bacterial contamination and chemical processing.

Vet Recommended Dog Chews – Choices

Dogs ‘gotta’ chew. If you want to encourage a safe, healthy chewing experience, you need to consider the options. The best vet recommended chews all have the same things in common. They:

  • Are large enough so your dog does not risk choking
  • Are hard enough for the teeth
  • Do not splinter
  • May offer dental benefits
  • Are enjoyable for your dog to chew on one or more levels

Above all, vet recommended dog chews ensure your canine companion a chewing experience free from any type of risk.

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