Top Tips to Follow to Sell an iPhone for Cash

Top Tips to Follow to Sell an iPhone for Cash

It’s almost time for the new iPhone season, which means that you have to decide what to do with your old phone now. There’s no reason why you can’t sell an iPhone for cash to help fund your new one.

This applies whether you’re planning to buy an iPhone 13 shortly, thinking about upgrading, or hoping for a nice deal on the iPhone 12 when its price drops.

Sell it Now

Every day, the worth of your old phone diminishes, so if you are thinking about selling it, do it now rather than later. According to some estimates, once a new version is revealed, your old phone loses 30% of its trade-in value in the first 24 hours.

Selling an iPhone for cash immediately raises the possibility of being without a phone until your new one comes. The last thing anybody wants is to be without their phone for even a single day.

Luckily, many places such as Sell My Mac offer you a grace period on the quote that they give you. Many of these places will claim that their quote is good for a set period of days. For many of us, this period is long enough to get the new phone in the mail and have it set up and ready to go before sending the new one in.

Who to Sell it to?

Your best choice is to sell your old phone to a buyback service and get cash for it. There is some risk involved; for example, if the old iPhone is broken, you may not receive the full value indicated by the buyer. However, even with this risk, it helps save time and bother, especially when trying to sell it on your own.

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