Tools Changing The Oil And Gas Industry: Drilling Reamers

Oil and gas companies are facing challenging times. They need to increase productivity while keeping down or even reducing costs. One way of doing so is to turn to technology. It can help by reducing labor and equipment costs. In the case of drilling homes, the development of accurate and durable drilling reamers reduces the workload and need for machinery by combining two previously separate actions: drilling and reaming, into one.


Drilling reamers play a number of important roles in the oil and gas sectors. With their ability to combine two services: drilling and reaming into a single action, they allow companies to:

  • Perform accurate directional drilling and straight hole applications
  • Drill holes while straightening and smoothing them out
  • Remove and irregularities or keyseats
  • straighten out and smooth over crooked holes,
  • ensure the right gauge to a hole making sure it is neither over or under gauged
  • Save companies time by reducing two necessary actions into one
  • Save money – in most cases, although it does depend upon the application

A drilling reamer is, therefore, a favorite tool of exploration industries.


Obtaining a drilling reamer is not difficult. Most major tool makers, particularly those that produce downhole equipment, manufacture this device. As is the case with all drilling equipment, it is important to check the reputation of the company. Always consider such characteristics of the company as quality, durability, delivery, and service before making any purchasing decision.

Drilling Reamers

Time, money and results are demands facing companies in the oil and gas industry. They need to reduce the time, keep within budget and produce product. One means of achieving this goal is to reduce the amount of equipment to reach the same results. One way companies can rely on to match this objective is to combine drilling with reaming. Drilling reamers are tools designed to combine these two operations, therefore ensuring faster results.

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