Things you need to know about your first trimester

Getting pregnant can be a very exciting moment. Before buying cute baby clothes and accessories, the best thing you can do is to get all the pregnancy information that you need. The goal is to get a glimpse of what to expect. In this way, once you go to the doctor’s, you have questions ready for your OB-Gyn.

Wrong due date

If this is your first pregnancy, then you need to know that your due date is just an estimate and not 100% accurate. Your baby will be delivered when he or she is ready!

Time is fast

Forty weeks may seem a long time, but it isn’t. One day, you find out you’re pregnant, and the next, you’re in the labor room. Preparation is key, and this means physically, emotionally and psychologically. As soon as you find out, it will be good to start preparing yourself.

Not gain any weight

You may think that once you get pregnant, you gain weight right away. On the contrary, some even lose weight during their first trimester. The reason is that morning sickness usually happens in the first three months of pregnancy. Some may experience it, and some won’t. It may even be worse for some, where they lose their appetites. That’s where weight loss happens.

The good smell becomes bad

You will discover that the world is full of smells that you may not be in favor of. Don’t worry, this is fairly common!

There is a lot more pregnancy information you should know, so don’t hesitate to ask your doctor, especially if you have any concerns. If you don’t know where to start, and you’re in the Jacksonville Florida area, consider turning to First Coast Women’s Services. You need someone to be there for you in this moment of wonder and discovery. After all, pregnancy does not have to be scary – it can be a wonderful journey!

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