The Specifics Of A General Electric DC Motor 504AT

When it comes to DC motors for industrial and commercial applications, one of the most recognized names and the most trusted in the industry is General Electric. Their motors have significant proven time in real-world applications to demonstrate they can stand up to wear and tear in even extreme conditions and still continue to deliver the power needed for a wide variety of applications.

As with all DC motors, General Electric makes several options available. This includes the size of the frame, with the General Electric DC motor 504AT, offered in several different sizes with an RPM range of 500-1750 depending on the horsepower of the motor.

As with all of the motors offered by the company the General Electric DC motor 504AT is designed to meet all NEMA specifications. Each of the motors is crafted with precision parts and components and designed to stand up to even the most challenging working environments.

Enclosure Options

In addition to the horsepower and the RPM ratings for the General Electric DC motor 504AT options, there are also different enclosure that can be offered.

The DPFG enclosure is drip proof and fully guarded, which means it is a good match in applications where debris is present in the air or in the surroundings, or where there may be a risk of drops of water or other types of fluid on, over or around where the motor is located and operating.

The TENV or totally enclosed non-ventilated and totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) models are also designed to protect the motor from debris in the surroundings where the motor is operating. They are not airtight and are not for use in hazardous conditions.

This motor comes with the option to mount the terminal box on either side of the motor. Both a blower as well as a tachometer can be easily mounted to the motor for increased performance and monitoring.

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