The Features Of The Rosemount 8732 Transmitter

The Rosemount line of transmitters offers several choices and selections, each with has different features, functions, and options that make it a good match for specific types of processes and applications.

In wastewater treatment plants or for wastewater discharge from any type of processing, including food and beverage production, as well as power plants and chemical processing facilities, accuracy is important for the measurement of flow, analysis of the liquid as well as other factors.

The Rosemount 8732 transmitter can be used with the Rosemount 8700 magnetic flowmeter in these types of applications. This transmitter provides several benefits for these types of applications that make it a natural choice in any of these types of facilities.

Remote Installation and Use

One of the reasons this combination of the Rosemount 8700 flowmeter and the Rosemount 8732 transmitter is practical in these types of applications is the ability to mount the system in difficult to access locations. The transmitter itself is constructed with an explosion proof contained housing, which means it can be used in hazardous areas.

For easy installation and configuring the transmitter, all controls are accessed through the glass display on the unit, which means no need to break the seal and remove the housing. The operator controls on the front of the Rosemount 8732 transmitter can be protected by a password, preventing accidental changes in setting when someone is working on or nearby the unit and brushes against the operator interface.

This meter transmitter is also able to provide its own calibration verification data and information. This can be done as needed, ensuring the meter is accurate and meets all applicable regulations for the industry. The user can also set the parameters, ensuring the test meets not only industry standards and regulations but individual facility accuracy requirements.

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