The Benefits of Using a Suction Blasting Cabinet in California

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Industrial Equipment

The Benefits of Using a Suction Blasting Cabinet in California While there are several different varieties of blasting cabinets that can be used to clean the surfaces of products, one of the most popular happens to be the suction variety. There are a few reasons why professionals prefer to use a suction blast cabinet in California.

Lower Investment

When budget is a consideration, the suction models of blasting cabinets carry a much lower initial investment cost than their pressure blast counterparts. The main reason for this is that there are fewer moving parts that go into the design of the suction model, resulting in a lower per-unit cost.

Cheaper To Operate

The material that is being blasted by the machine is being suctioned into it versus the traditional way of being pressure-fed into the machine. This results in the materials leaving the machine more gently than it would be if it left under pressure, thus saving much wear and tear on the internal components of the machine.

Air Requirements

If the shop you are operating is small or there is an issue with your shop being able to get enough air volume, the suction model is definitely the way to go. This is because the requirements for pre-determined amounts of air volume are much lower than those of the pressure variety. This is true for all models of a blast cabinet in California when nozzle sizes are comparable.

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