The Benefits and Services Provided by a Leading Animal Hospital in Olathe KS

Most pet owners consider their dog or cat to be another member of the family rather than just an animal they care for. Just like human family members, these pets need medical care when they fall ill which is why it is extremely important to establish a relationship with a caring veterinarian. When the staff of an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS knows a pet and its history, treatment will be more effective and the visits will go much more smoothly.

Regular Visits are More Than Beneficial

Taking care of a pet shouldn’t be restricted to instances where they are sick. Many animal hospitals provide preventative care treatments that screen and vaccinate both cats and dogs for the diseases and infestations that commonly afflict each species. This service provides full examinations at least twice a year to help ward off any potential sickness and provide animals with the medicines they need to stay healthy. Owners can also schedule nail trims, anal gland expression, baths, and hair cuts around these visits so that the trip provides a fully rejuvenating experience for their pet.

A Healthy Mouth Equals a Happy Pet

One important form of medical treatment that many pet owners don’t actively think about is dental care. Domesticated animals need to maintain a healthy mouth just like their owners and it can be hard for people to keep their pet’s teeth clean, especially if the animal is uncooperative. Lack of proper care can lead to infected and painful teeth, gum disease, discoloration, and foul breath. Fortunately most veterinary clinics provide a very thorough form of dental care the includes cleanings, extractions, and radiographic evaluations. For more information on how this service is performed and can benefit a pet, visit websites like

Emergency Care is Not Out of the Question

Accidents happen at the most unexpected times and veterinary care is not always immediately available at all hours of the day. Clinics like Falcon Valley Animal Hospital can’t staff on a 24 hour basis, but have established working relationships with nearby 24/7 critical care facilities in both Overland Park or Mission, cities that are under 15 miles away. At these locations the staff will consult with both the owner and primary veterinarian from the Animal Hospital in Olathe KS so that they fully understand the situation and patient before proceeding with any major treatment options. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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