Steps to Take After Truck Accidents in Oahu

Steps to Take After Truck Accidents in Oahu

Nobody expects to be part of an automobile collision, but it happens every day. The instant reaction is typically panic and fear, especially when the vehicles are damaged and people get injured. Discover the first steps victims should take after truck accidents in Oahu.

Contact the Police

The first thing to do after the impact is to dial the emergency phone number for emergency police and ambulance assistance. Even if nobody appears to be hurt, there could be unforeseen damages and injuries that arise after the confusion. A police officer will issue a report that the accident happened, which can be used to file insurance and legal claims.

Assemble Evidence

For some victims, it might be impossible to get evidence from the scene of the accident. People who are coherent and mobile should try to take photos with a smartphone and gather names and contact information for witnesses. This information could make a significant difference when claims are filed.

Get a Medical Examination

When the ambulances arrive, every party involved in the accident should go to the hospital for a medical exam. The cost is covered by no-fault insurance, so there should be no concern about medical coverage. Even if someone feels fine, there could be an underlying problem that is only detectable by a medical professional.

Avoid Making Statements

After the accident, everyone will be clamoring for information about what happened, including insurance representatives who are more concerned about the bottom line than the victims’ health. Avoid making any formal statements about the accident, damages, and injuries. People often make misstatements when they are still overwhelmed by the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Consult with an Attorney

Always consult with an attorney after truck accidents in Oahu. Typically, victims pay from a settlement rather than upfront. Legal advice is crucial to ensure proper communication every step of the way to get the best possible settlement.

Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident, or knows someone who has, should immediately contact Yoshida & Associates for more information. Schedule an appointment to discuss the accident and find out what to do next to get the deserved compensation.

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