Services for Heating Oil in Mystic, CT include Inspections and Cleaning

Whether you own a commercial property or are a resident, your heating needs must be addressed, especially if you live somewhere like Connecticut. As you well know, a great deal of emphasis is placed on staying warm in the fall and winter. In order to enjoy a comfortable home or business environment, you must make sure you have a sufficient fuel supply.

Fuel Delivery that Is Guaranteed

Fortunately, today, you can enjoy automatic delivery of heating oil in Mystic, CT. This type of service is automated to make sure that your oil reserves never run past a certain point before a delivery is made. This ensures that you will always receive your fuel oil without any type of delay.

In addition to delivering Mystic heating oil, customers can also enjoy a yearly heating system cleaning from a full-service oil delivery company. This type of plan enables you to save as much as 10% on your heating bill. In addition, cleaning the system adds to the life of your fuel tank and parts. This type of preventative maintenance arraignment includes the following services:

  • Performing a clean-up during the summer months
  • Cleaning or replacing the oil strainers
  • Changing the nozzle and filter
  • Checking and adjusting the ignition system
  • Checking and adding lubricant to the motors
  • Checking and adjusting the fan belt
  • Testing the burner and controls
  • Performing a test for efficiency

Ultrasonic Inspections

When you have your heating oil tank and parts cleaned and checked by the same company that delivers your fuel, you can feel more confident about staying warm and comfortable during the winter months.

That is why many homeowners and businesses choose to use a heating oil company that offers a full-service program to its customers. This type of inspection also includes checking your heating oil tank for corrosion. Ultrasonic inspections make this type of service invaluable to both businesses and residences.

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