How to Seek Document Attestation for China

Your upcoming move to China may be both an exciting and somewhat a stressful experience all at once. The exciting components come from how gorgeous and culturally rich China is. Not only will you be in the country that erected the Great Wall, but you will also be able to witness the sights, sounds and tastes from a culture completely different from what you’ve experienced in the United States. However, you won’t be able to step foot into the country without first completing your document attestation for China. Here is how to get started.

Seek Out a Notary Public

The first thing you must do is find a notary public to work with in order to ensure your documents are properly signed. This is often as simple as walking into your nearest bank. Most large banks have notary publics as part of their staff and while they are generally easily accessible, it may help to book an appointment beforehand to limit the amount of time you have to wait. It’s worth noting you only need assistance from a notary public in the event your documents are photocopies rather than the originals. This is only to verify their authenticity.

Consult with the Secretary of State

The next step in obtaining document attestation for China involves the Secretary of State. You may need to see the county clerk in your area prior to seek approval from the Secretary of State. An attestation agency can help you with this step.

Bring Your Documents to the Department of State

The next step to getting document attestation for China involves submitting your documents to the Department of State.

Bring you Documents to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate

The final step to getting document attestation for China involves submitting your document to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate. In some cases, your state may be overseen by a consulate-general from China. If this holds true for you, you can trust the consulate-general to complete this last step instead.

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