Radically Reduce Radon With Radon Mitigation Services in Milwaukee, WI

Radon is a dangerous and radioactive gas that is found at random in all types of earth. it is a colorless, odorless by-product of decaying uranium. It can only be detected with testing by a qualified firm. Radon naturally moves through the earth and works its way into the air where it is dissipates and is carried away. The problem occurs when radon, instead of being released into the atmosphere, becomes concentrated and trapped in people’s homes where it has the ability to cause lung cancer. It finds entry through small cracks in flooring, walls, around pipes and construction joints. It can become trapped in between walls where it will then seep into rooms through electrical outlets and other small points of entry. Sometimes radon even concentrates in wells. It is believed that two in every thirty American homes are affected by radon. The EPA estimates that up to 22,000 Americans die each year from lung cancer caused from indoor exposure to radon. Radon is the second leading cause of cancer, second only to cigarette smoking. People who smoke while living in homes where there is a concentration of radon are thought to be at an especially high risk for lung cancer development.

If testing shows that your home is harboring radon, there are steps that can be taken to drastically reduce if not eliminate the amount of radon present. A Radon Measurement & Elimination Services company can both test for radon and take measures to seal your home so that radon can no longer enter. Radon Mitigation Services Milwaukee WI will find and seal all cracks in the home’s foundation, exterior and basement, and will also install pipes and fans to vent the radon from beneath your home to the outside.

Everyone should test their home for radon. If none is found, your mind will be put at ease and you can cross that worry off the list. If it is found, then you can deal promptly and efficiently to eliminate radon’s access and then, again, can breathe a sigh of relief. Do not take chances with the lives of your family and loved ones … have a radon round up in your home at the very first opportunity and from then on, breathe clean and easy!

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