Preparing To Take Your Dog To A Manhattan Boarding Facility While You’re Away

When you head out of town, one of the options available for your dog is boarding in a kennel. Workers at kennels try to ensure that your dog is treated as it would be at home with meals, exercise, and lots of love and attention. There are a few tips to keep in mind to make the experience the best that it can be until you pick up your dog to go home.


Most facilities that offer dog boarding in Manhattan require that animals of any kind of vaccinated before they stay. You’ll need to find out when the vaccinations need to be completed before you take your dog to board as there is usually a required length of time requested by the facility so that the medication can take effect.

Comfort Items

Pack a few items from home that can make your dog feel comfortable. These should be items that have your scent on them, such as a blanket, a favorite toy, or a pillow. Contact the facility for dog boarding in Manhattan to find out how much space is available for items from home as some kennels might not be large enough for pet beds and similar items.


Take your dog’s food to the kennel so that his diet doesn’t need to change for a few days. If you don’t provide your own food, then the kennel will usually offer a diet that all of the animals get that is still healthy but that might not be what your furry friend is accustomed to eating.

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