Phone Charging Myths and a Better Charging Option

Are you charging your phone wrong? A lot of people don’t realize that their charging habits can affect the lifespan of their smartphone’s battery. If you’re one of them, here are a few well-known charging myths you may believe in.

Leaving it overnight

You hear a lot of people saying it’s easier and certainly much more convenient to keep your device plugged to your charger at all times. But some say charging your battery to a 100 percent is a big no-no. However, your phone comes with features that stop your phone from charging after it’s full so you don’t have to worry.

Charging it in public

Some users think using a public charging port is a good idea. It’s not. This can put your information at risk, the Reader’s Digest says. Ports aren’t just power sources. Hackers could get through them and access your phone so be careful.

Any charger will do

Charging your phone with a cheap charger isn’t ideal. These chargers, won’t have the features you need and aren’t designed up to the standard that can provide your phone with the correct voltage. If you’re scouting around for high-quality options, check out MAGFAST.

What’s a MAGFAST?

It’s a family of charging devices. A MAGFAST Charger can provide you with five ways to charge your device. Because it’s flexible enough to charge your reader and tablet, you can charge them right along with your smartphone, all at the same time. You could also offer the other ports to your friends. That’s a convenient and easy solution. That’s one of the many benefits of MAGFAST Wall Chargers. If you’re tired of fault chargers that break down or let you down, start checking out more about MAGFAST, the ingenious new family of wireless chargers that’s changing charging for good.

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