Oral Health Care In Fort Collins CO Can Improve Your Smile

A smile is the first thing everyone you greet notices. Missing, chipped, discolored or decaying teeth is almost an instant turn off. Great oral health care in Fort Collins CO begins with regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and exams. Removing decay in a tooth will reduce the chance for the bacteria to travel throughout your body and cause illness. Excessive decay and bacteria can cause a heart infection that can result in a life-threatening situation. Children’s teeth should be examined as early as one year of age. Minor problems can be detected before a major one develops.

When someone is having mouth pain or tingling, they should immediately seek the assistance of a dentist. Oral surgery is common for patients that need to have teeth extracted when they’re damaged or decayed. Wisdom teeth can cause pain and shifting of the regular teeth as they begin to grow. Teenagers that complain about pain in their jaw or teeth, may be suffering from pressure created by the wisdom teeth. These teeth rarely come in straight or in the right position. They can damage the regular teeth by creating pressure on the roots of the molars. Oral Health Care in Fort Collins CO by a dentist can remove these teeth safely in the comfort of the dental office.

Cosmetic dentistry helps to correct imperfections in the teeth. This can include staining, discoloring, and chipped or crooked teeth. Porcelain veneers fit right onto the tooth and disguise any irregularities. Cosmetic procedures are designed to remake all the imperfections into a brilliant smile. Teeth whitening can be done in a dental office in an hour. This process is much shorter than purchasing a home-whitening kit in the store that will take months to achieve the same results with. If a patient has any questions about any dental procedures, the caring, and compassionate staff will be happy to answer them.

Obtaining the best smile is always possible with the help of an experienced dentist. Flaws in your teeth can be eliminated without invasive procedures. For more information on improving your health and smile, please browse our website.

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