Not All Reconditioned Electric Motors are the Same

Are you looking for a General Electric DC Motor 506AY? You could check out used ones online or from other sources. However, you might pay ten thousand dollars or more for a used motor. When you buy used (unless it is from a trusted source), it may not last as long as you think and the best way to save money on motors is with reconditioned models. However, you should exercise caution with this strategy and here are some reasons why.

No Standards

In many industries, you have specific standards for rebuilding and reconditioning. However, this is not the case when you shop for a reconditioned General Electric DC Motor 506AY or many other models. In fact, some places may simply clean up their used motors, check to see if they run, and apply some paint. This is why you need to check out the company before buying.

What is the Best Reconditioning Method?

Before they sell you a General Electric DC Motor 506AY, the best companies test the motor first. All wiring gets checked for electric leakage through the insulation. This is called a megger test, and they check the brush rigging, interpoles, field coils, and armature.
Next, they test run the DC motor and disassemble it so they can check the components more closely. They carefully inspect the bearing housing and shafts and fix or replace any worn or broken parts.

Next, they steam clean and bake the parts. If the commutator needs turning they take care of it. They balance the armature and check its insulation. All bearings and brushes get replaced if needed.

The DC motor gets put back together, and they do a final test run. Finally, they re-paint everything. This rebuilding is important because it gives you peace of mind. You know you have a good motor with a long life ahead of it.

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