Lacrosse Helmets – Understanding How This Protective Gear Works

If you enjoy indulging in the game of lacrosse, you will likely be hunting for the appropriate apparel, including lacrosse helmets. For women, lacrosse goggles will be worn but male players of this contact sport will necessitate helmets. This is one of the most important pieces of protective gear to purchase, because the face is sensitive and if the ball hits it, serious damages could occur. Although there are various styles of lacrosse helmets available, each one will maintain the same protection features that make them an essential piece of equipment for every game.

Lacrosse Helmets – Protection Features

Not only will the lacrosse helmets be crafted to prevent injuries from the ball but also, from the stick. The stick is used constantly and if this hits you, you can expect it to hurt. Lacrosse helmets are built with numerous safety features and generally, a mask or a mesh cage will be attached to the front of the helmet. This provides the player with head and face protection at all times. In addition to this, mouth guards should be worn to shield the teeth, lips and tongue from harm. A plastic strap will be present on the lacrosse helmets and this keeps the mouth guard in place. Throat protection will always be considered when lacrosse helmets are manufactured.

Lacrosse Helmets – Finding Sizes That Fit

The size of your lacrosse helmets is a serious issue to consider. The size of lacrosse helmets is far more important to think about than the size of your socks, because it will be your barrier against the hard pieces of equipment used in the game. Most helmets are sized in inches so get some help when measuring the circumference of your head. This is very important if you are ordering online. Because an inner liner is incorporated into the helmet, this will take up extra room so bear this in mind. The lacrosse helmets should feel tight but not too restrictive.

Lacrosse Helmets – Sturdy Helmets

There will be a certain buckling system on the lacrosse helmets, which helps the helmet to be more enduring and sturdy. This buckling system keeps the lacrosse helmets firmly on the head and this is very important in a high contact sport. Plastic is molded to create these pieces of equipment and this is a similar material to that of most motorcycle helmets. If you are purchasing lacrosse helmets for the first time, you need to make sure that the quality is at its height. A center bar should be present on the helmet and this should expand through the entire length of the front cage for added protection.

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