How to Know When it’s Time for Roof Repairs

Commercial flat roofs are notorious for not showing signs of wear, especially the same way that peaked roofs do. There are usually not any visual signs that your roof is worn. When looking for signs, leaks are your best bet that your commercial flat roof needs repair. Regular maintenance on your roof will help to make it last longer.

Roof Maintenance

One of the biggest problems with flat roofs is standing water. Standing water on your roof is one of the largest causes of deterioration. It is best to get the water off your roof within 48 hours. For smaller roofs, a squeegee to push the water off may be your easiest option. For larger roofs, you should install a roof vent or roof pump if you do not already have one. These will help to get rid of the water almost immediately, so you do not have to get it off yourself. If there is a large storm you should always go and inspect your roof for damage.

How to Know When to Get Roof Replacement

There are several ways to tell when you need to change your roof. Depending on what type of roofing that you have, there are different ways to be able to tell when your roof needs replacing.

1 If there are holes in your roof, it needs replacing. If it shows signs of buckling and leaks into the ceiling, those are also obvious signs that your roof needs repair.
2 If your roof is made of panels, and the panels are starting to, or already have, come apart, you will need to do repairs. If repair is not possible, a new roof will need to be installed.
3 Check to see if your vapor barrier is still intact and not torn. If you find tears that cannot be easily replaced, or are letting water through, you may need to replace the roof.
4 If your roof has rock or tar, and the tar paper is worn or torn, revealing the undercoat, you will most likely need to replace your roof.

How to Care for a New Roof

Make sure to coat your new roof in polyvinyl coating that is resistant to rain, snow, and everything in between. The undercoat will already be weather resistant, but adding this top coat will help the longevity of your roof. Make sure all your drains are debris free and that during the dry season you regularly get anything that may clog your drains off of your roof.

Looking for Roof Repair?

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