Kick Your Fitness Fun Up a Notch With Aerial Fitness Classes

There’s a cool scene in the first “Tomb Raider” movies, starring Angelina Jolie. It’s the bungee ballet scene. Jolie flips and twirls and eventually fights off the bad guys as only the Tomb Raider can.

If you’ve seen this movie, you undoubtedly remember what fun the scene was. Wouldn’t it be incredible to be that agile, to approach life with that much joie de vivre?

Making Fitness Fun

It’s likely that the desire for fun is why alternative exercise programs, like classes that feature aerial fitness in Minneapolis, have taken off. Classes like these turn their participants into the Tomb Raider, at least for an afternoon. More importantly, the “fun factor” makes participants of the classes want to come back for more.

Old Fitness Models

The truth is many people associate exercise and fitness with pain and punishment. Who can’t remember some unfortunate days in a high school P.E. class? While there may still be a place for “no pain, no gain,” the truth is most people don’t jell with that fitness philosophy. The unfortunate side effect is that they eventually stop going to their classes, and their health and fitness levels suffer.

A New Model of Health

Classes in aerial fitness in Minneapolis have taken off, in part because people have fun in them. They also empower people to face their fears about exercise in a fun and safe atmosphere. This, in turn, makes them more open to other forms of exercise that they previously associated with boredom at best and pain at worst.

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